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Cotswold Real Estate


Cotswold is a popular south Charlotte area located in between Randolph and Providence Roads. Cotswold largely derives its name from the Cotswold Mall located at the corner of Randolph and Sharon Amity. Originally opened in 1963, Cotswold Mall was one of Charlotte’s first suburban shopping centers. The neighborhoods that were built surrounding the mall consist of homes built in mainly the 1950s and 60s, however, in recent years there has been a boom in redevelopment in the area as the neighborhoods have become more popular with its desirable schools and proximity to Uptown and local shopping and dining.

Today you can see a mix of original 50s/60s homes along with fully renovated homes and complete tear downs with new modern homes emerging. Today Cotswold is home to over 4,800 residents and supports a median home value of $421,298. It is classified as a Dense Suburban neighborhood by and has a fairly close to 50/50 split of homeowners versus renters.